Best way to deal with court cases using birth chart

Why will one keep winning all court cases by him or against him and one will lose the only court case of a lifetime? There has to be some fundamental difference between these two sets of people. You have a court & if you feel any astrology remedy can only help you, it means you are pushing yourself towards another trouble. Because there you feel that neither your intentions (yes intentions) nor a logical advice whether to fight or settle in the court case will work. The advocates fighting your court cases will generally prompt you to take it on, nothing wrong with this, as it is a profession for them, and one should surely depend on them. Now, if you have for a court case intentionally, you would know the reasons & to some extent, your inner conscious know its outcome. Here the only factor to decide is the Lagna & Lagna Lord, which, if weak can drift a person towards such tendencies so it is better to accelerate your Lagna’s power. A weak Lagna can be easily spoiled by a devastating Rahu, low Ketu & stubborn Saturn.

But if you have been dragged into a court case, there are specific houses in your horoscope and planetary combinations responsible for it. Astrology for court cases identifies all such planets and houses to let you know:

  1. Why have you been dragged into litigation?
  2. At what particular age one can face court cases?
  3. How many court cases one can face?
  4. How carefully can one handle the court cases, or carelessness will result in losing such litigation?
  5. What is your position ( Lagna strength) vis-à-vis your opponents?
  6. Can there be inordinate delays in such cases?
  7. How long will the court cases go on?
  8. When will these court cases end?
  9. Will the authorities dealing with such cases favour or go against you?
  10. Is it better to slow peddle such cases or go aggressive? Don’t forget specific transits of some planets can make the once vulnerable situation as favourable and vice-versa. This is one of the most crucial astrology tools to help you in court cases.
  11. How to select your lawyers for fighting your cases? Yes, numerology plays a significant role here.
  12. What is the best time to file a lawsuit?

13. What type of hurdles or hindrances can one face during such cases?

Also, let me explain that all the above factors have different significations depending on the nature of the court cases also. So one needs to check the above points differently whether the court case is:

It is against persons or Govt./legitimate authorities. Yes, it is a very crucial aspect as planets fighting against individuals and Govt. are totally different. One can not apply the same methodology.

  1. A civil case
  2. A criminal case
  3. Does it involve relief like bail or on the payroll?
  4. Is there a scope for filing an appeal?
  5. What type of court is this: Taluka, Session/District court, high court, or the Supreme Court? Yes, it makes a difference.

So whenever one feels that there is the possibility of court cases against you or you yourself intent filing a court case against someone, spending a few minutes with a good astrologer can really help you to know the strengths and weakness of such cases and your chances of losing or winning the court cases: says Dr. Vinay Bajrangi on how can astrology help you win the court cases. One can get above factors checked and then decide whether it is worth also or not fighting the court cases. Sometimes if your luck is good, better senses may prevail upon you to go for settlement instead of pursuing the court cases. But mind you, for this, you need an astrologer who knows how to read your Lagna, 6th house, 11th house, and more significantly knows to relate all this with Dasha & Gochar aptly. Mind you, one can win 100 court cases, but lose even a single one fought in life. There are remedies like performing Bagulamukhi Yagya etc., but I suggest, better consider the above points. Bagulamukhi ritual should be considered only as of the lastest remedy like we do Mahamrityunjay when someone is on the death bed. Do not perform astrology rituals out of fear.

I am a double doctorate Indian Vedic astrologer, practicing various branches of Indian astrology since the year 1996 A.D.