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How Many Gun Should Match ?

Another irony is that people feel below 18 points marriage should not happen, and a score above 18 out of 36 is a good marriage-matching. Absolutely wrong. You never know; even 8–10 out of 36 points matching can be a good marriage proposal. If you go by the auto-generated results using marriage compatibility calculator, you may be missing the best marriage partner for life. Please do not do it. Do not be miser or careless in making a marriage matching decision. Just read for a few seconds the steps required to match charts of marriage.

  1. The next step is a thorough study of D-1 and D-9 charts. Sometimes the weak factors in D1 get strengths in D9, so studying only D1 is wrong.
  2. Then one needs to check about the doshas like Bhakoot Dosha, Mangal Dosha, and Nadi Dosha, the most prominent Doshas; one needs to check for marriage. But do you know in 50% of the cases, these Doshas either get cancelled or counterbalanced by the other horoscope? But these things need checking of over 100 combinations to decide if Doshas are getting cancelled or counterbalanced.
  3. Then comes the main factors which carry a relationship: Doers/Karakas or Managers of Marriage, Venus and Jupiter.
  4. Even if all is fine, you have a good Gun matching score, no doshas or doshas are getting cancelled or counterbalanced, but if the Doers of marriage do not support each other, marriage can never be successful.



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